What is Luxury? For FitMe Monte-Carlo is not just exclusiveness but also always feel authentic and intouch with your true self, being at ease, comfortable, feeling special, and wearing high-qualityproducts that make you feel unique. We believe that FitMe Monte-Carlo can really make a differencein the way you experience yourself, thanks to a product that embraces your true essence.


We are a luxury athleisure made for women who love to always be themselves and fit into every situation. We want to be part of every woman’s life with clothes suited for her needs, made withconscious materials and through innovative techonologies, created for the purpose of offering awide range of benefits and maximum comfort all at once.


Sustainability is one of our main pillars. Every woman wants to feel connected to the Earth and alignher inner and outer selves. The combination of eco-sustainability in fabrics and processes in ourcollections allows our clothes to maintain the highest performance standards while keeping thebody fresh and dry through optimal perspiration without damaging the environment.

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